US SHIP Universal Aluminum Steel Exhaust Crossover X Pipe 2.25" 2 1/4" In & Outlet

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Our stamped X-Pipe are ideal for dual/dual or single dual exhaust systems. There will be significant increases in horsepower, and especially mid range torque, with X-Pipe.


Noticeable Reduction In DB Levels Increases Rear Wheel Horsepower And Torque Improves Exhaust Scavenging Improved Version Of Traditional H-Pipe


Inlet Inside Diameter: 2.25" Dual

Outlet Inside Diameter: 2.25" Dual

Overall Length: 12"

Material: Aluminized Steel

Package quantity: 1pcs

Please allow 1-5mm error due to manual measurement.

We also have large selection of other size, please take a few minutes to view our store, thanks!

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