Universal Hydraulic Handbrake Vertical Horizontal E-Brake Drift Black

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Hydraulic Hand Brake System is a necessity for any drift or rally vehicle. The lever can be used in either a normal or upright position by simply changing the handle position by undoing one bolt. Drifting and rally driving requires extensive use of the handbrake, and eliminates the weaknesses in standard cable type handbrakes. This hydraulic handbrake requires a lot less force to lock the rear brakes when desired.


1. Race inspired design for prolonged high-usage applications.

2. Can be used alongside your standard emergency brake.

3. Allows for Full Lockup of rear tires for drift initiation/correction.

4. Lightweight T6 Aluminum contruction for Solid Feel and weight savings

5. Hydraulic design allows for greater control between full release and full lockup.


Universal on All vehicles, modification might require to complete installation. Please consult professional installer for details.


All pictures Actual shooting, tiny colour & size difference show in pictures!

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