Universal 2.5"/3''/3.5''/4'' Inch Aluminum Turbo Clamshell Clamps Clamp

Color: black
Size: 2.5"
Sale price$26.95


Our clamshell clamps are CNC machined from the highest quality billet aluminum.

This clamp is designed to accommodate multiple sized tubing found on most blower or turbo applications and will withstand 60 pounds of boost.

The clamp has several important features which make it an extremely useful connector for race applications.

Quick And Easy Connections.There are no hose clamps to unscrew or retighten.

There are no hoses to stretch over the tubing or throttle body.

The inner sleeve is included with clamp.

Size: 2.5"/ 3"/ 3.5"/ 4"

Colour: Anodized finish Black/ Blue/ Red

Please Note: All pictures actual shooting, tiny colour difference show in pictures.

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