T25 T28 GT25 GT28 To 2.5" 63mm V-band Clamp Flange Turbo Down Pipe Adapter

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This racing adapter flange converts a standard T25 T28 GT25 GT28 turbine housing downpipe discharge to a 2.5" V-band outlet exit.


V band flange size: 2.5" (63mm)

V band flange material: 301 stainless steel

Adapter body material:Common stainless steel

Turbo discharge flange material:Laser cut mild steel with chrome plated


Fits T25 T28 GT25 GT28 turbo housings.

Package included:

1pcs T25 T28 GT25 GT28 To 2.5" INCH V-BAND Adpater as the picture shown.

No installation Tool & No instruction is Included, Professional Installation is Recommended

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