SS Quick Release V-Band Clamp & 1.5"/1.75"/2"/2.25"/2.5"/2.75"/3" ID Aluminum Flanges Turbo Intercooler Kit

Flange ID Size: 1.5"
Sale price$13.50


We offers Flanges that mate with our V-Band Couplings. Our Flanges are either CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Each set of our aluminum alloy V band flange coming with a seal.

Fit Flange ID Size 1.5"/1.75"/2"/2.25"/2.5"/2.75"/3"  ,
Clamp size will bigger than1.5"/1.75"/2"/2.25"/2.5"/2.75"/3"  ,
make sure the size correct .


V band clamp: stainless steel Quick Release V-band clamp

Flange:  6061-T6 aluminum alloy flange

Seal: Fluororubber O ring provide perfect seal

Intercooler piping, air intake etc piping, etc.                    

Package included:
1 x   stainless steel Quick Release v band clamp

2 x   6061-T6 aluminum alloy flange

1 x fluororubber O ring provide perfect seal


 All pictures Actual shooting, tiny colour & size difference show in pictures.

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