Reusable Oil Filter Aluminum 30 Micron Washable Stainless Steel Mesh Filter 70B

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Reusable Oil Filter is such a product which means you never have to purchase another oil filter in your vehicles lifetime. Simply clean the filter yourself. So that the maintenance costs are reduced and maintenance can be performed more often without the need to purchase a new filter every time. The main filter body is Aluminium with a metal grip section for easy removal. The filter element employs a 4000 gauss magnet and a 30micron Stainless Mesh which provides excellent filtration catching metallic objects easily.

Installation is as simple as removing your old oil filter and screwing on this new one.

Body Size: Ø69*79.1mm long
Screw Thread: 3/4-16UNF
30 Micron washable Stainless steel mesh filter
4000 gauss magnet

Please Note: All pictures Actual shooting, tiny colour & size difference show in pictures!

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