Heat Shield High Temp White Heat Sleeve Fiberglass Adjustable 3FT x 3/4" 20mm

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Our fiberglass sleeves are specially woven and can be expanded and shrunk by fittings, cables, terminals, etc. Simply pull the wires inside, AN hoses, cables, etc.


Size: 3FT x 3/4" (20mm)

Material: Fiberglass

Colour: White

Temp Continuous: 1022℉

Temp Intermittent: 2000℉

white heat sleeve fiberglass:

Mainly made of high quality glass fiber.

Can withstand 1022 °F continuous and 2000 °F intermittent.

Can reduce up to 60% of radiant heat.

Helps prevent steam locks and protect wires from melting.

Important Warning:

1.It is best to wear long sleeved gloves when installing.

2.For skin irritation, wash with soapy water and rinse off.

3.For eye irritation, rinse your eyes with cold water.


All pictures Actual shooting, tiny colour & size difference show in pictures.

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