Heat Shield High Temp White Heat Sleeve Fiberglass Adjustable 16FT x 3/4" 20mm

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Our fiberglass sleeves are specially woven and can be expanded and shrunk by fittings, cables, terminals, etc. Simply pull the wires inside, AN hoses, cables, etc.


Size: 16FT x 3/4" (20mm)

Material: Fiberglass

Colour: White

Temp Continuous: 1022℉

Temp Intermittent: 2000℉

white heat sleeve fiberglass:

Mainly made of high quality glass fiber.

Can withstand 1022 °F continuous and 2000 °F intermittent.

Can reduce up to 60% of radiant heat.

Helps prevent steam locks and protect wires from melting.

Important Warning:

1.It is best to wear long sleeved gloves when installing.

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