Compressor Inlet 2.0" Adapter Flange Fit Garrett, GT28, GT28R, GT2560R, GT28RS

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2 Bolt TO Slip-On compressor inlet adapter fl ange for Garrett GT28R/ GT2860R turbo. Large 3" inlet race version. Used to convert 2 bolt mounting to a standard slip-on air intake pipe connection. Use with silicone coupler. Machined from billet aluminum to be lightweight & durable. The opening is smoothly tapered for maximum flow. Includes reusable o-ring to provide a leak-free seal.


  1. Adapter Side Comp: 2 Bolt w/ O-ring

  2. Adapter Side Intake: 2.00" Slip On w/ lip

  3. Bolt Spacing:3 3/8" center to the center.

  4. Bolt Hole size: For use with standard 8mm or SAE equivalent bolts/studs.

  5. Material Type: 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy.


Fit Garrett, GT28, GT28R, GT2560R, GT28RS


1 set of Adapter as the pictures shown


Installation instruction not included.

Professional installation are highly recommend. 

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