Banjo Bolt Stainless Steel Car Fittings M10x1.0 20mm Metric Brake Adaptor

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Type: Stainless Steel Banjo Bolt, Single Banjo

Thread Size: M10, P1.0

- A: Total Length =24.4mm (0.96inch )

- B: Hex 14, thickness =4.29mm (0.17inch )

- C: Thread length =20mm (0.79inch )


- 100% Made by Stainless Steel SUS 304

- Fully CNC Machined SUS304

- Price For 1pc (1 Piece)

- Incredibly strong

- Suitable for Brake caliper, Turbo Line

Package Included:

1. 1 x Stainless Steel Banjo Bolt

2. 2 x Copper Washer 

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