AUS SHIP 3AN TO 20AN Double Hose Ended Spanner Tool Kit Wrench Set Anodized Aluminum

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Double ended wrenches provide a perfect fit for both B-nuts and sockets,so they won't mark your fitting anymore. All of our billet aluminum wrenches are colorful anodized and size stamped.

Size range: 3AN TO 20AN

Material: Light weight aluminum alloy

Color: Anodized

Set details:

1pcs 4AN TO 3AN- (4B-3B) Green

1pcs 6AN TO 6AN- (6B-4S) Silver

1pcs 8AN TO 6AN- (8B-6S) Black

1pcs 10AN TO 8AN- (10B-8S) Blue

1pcs 12AN TO 10AN- (12B-10S) Purple

1pcs 16AN TO 12AN- (16B-12S) Red

1pcs 20AN TO 16AN- (20B-16S) Golden

B= B nut sizes

S= Socket nut sizes


1set (7pcs) as the picture shown

This item will ship from Australia ,Local shipping with tracking number !

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