ADLER SPEED Aluminum Flywheel Fit For Acura Integra B18 B16 B20 GSR

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Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel for many Acura Integra B Series Engines, Part # 191681, DOHC B Series Engines .

Fitment includes:

B16a, B16a2, JDM Cable B16, B17a, B18c, B18c1, B18c5, B18a, B18b, B20b, B20z

If you don't see your application listed and have a civic please enquire so we can provide fitment options

1. Made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum

2. Reduced Weight (60% on average)

3. Lighter weight means less stress put on crankshaft and engine, resulting in prolonged engine life

4. Less wasted horsepower means more of the power the engine creates is used to turn the wheels

5. More mass is removed from the outer dimensions and more is left on the inner dimensions

6. Provides maximum strength and integrity while increasing performance

7. CNC machined at a consistent surface speed

Friction Plate Specs

- Made from 1045 Steel

- 1045 Steel has a high carbon content giving the ability to withstand high heat under extreme friction

- Gives the user the ability to use just about any type of clutch material from organic to Kevlar

- Drilled and attached in a pattern that gives consistent downward force over the entire plate

- Replaceable

- AN Quality Screws

Please Note: All pictures Actual shooting, tiny colour & size difference show in pictures.

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