54-62mm 2.0" inch Stainless Steel Turbo Pipe Hose Coupler T-bolt Clamp

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Type: T- Clamp

Band material: Stainless Steel

Stud material: Zinc Coated Carbon Steel

Nut: Self-lock nut

Band Width:19mm

Clamping range: 2.0'' (54-62mm)

Package Included: 1PC T bolt clamp

The size listed is the size silicone hose this clamp will fit over.
The actual size is larger than the listed,so please make sure to check the clamping range.

How to choose the T clamp:
1, Calculate your hose Outside diameter
2, Check our clamping range
3, Make sure your Hose OD are between our clamp range.

For example:
1, If you have a 2.5" (63.5mm) ID silicone hose, then calcuate your hose OD= 63.5+5x2=73.5mm
2, Check our clamping range
3, Choose our 2.5" T clamp which clamping range are 67mm to 75mm as what you need, because your Hose OD are between our 2.5" T clamp's clamping range 67mm to 75mm.

Details clamping range of our T clamps as below:

T clamp Size Clampring range

1": 31mm to 36mm
1.25": 37mm to 42mm
1.5": 43mm to 49mm
1.75": 47mm to 57mm
2": 54mm to 62mm
2.25": 60mm to 68mm
2.5": 67mm to 75mm
2.75": 73mm to 81mm
3": 79mm to 87mm
3.25": 86mm to 94mm
3.5": 92mm to 100mm
3.75": 98mm to 106mm
4": 104mm to 112mm

Please Note: All pictures Actual shooting, tiny colour & size difference show in pictures!

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